EDUCATION: From disruption to recovery

Most governments around the world have temporarily closed educational institutions in an attempt to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

No school till COVID-19 case zero or vaccine invented: Parents' body

These nationwide closures are impacting hundreds of millions of students. Several other countries have implemented localized closures impacting millions of additional learners.UNESCO is supporting countries in their efforts to mitigate the immediate impact of school closures, particularly for more vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, and to facilitate the continuity of education for all through remote learning.

COVID-19 Impact on Education


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+-Partially openClosed due to COVID-19Fully openAcademic
Status: Fully open

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1,048,817,181 affected learners
59.9% of total enrolled learners
132 country-wide closures




Note: Figures correspond to number of learners enrolled at pre-primary, primary, lower-secondary, and upper-secondary levels of education [ISCED levels 0 to 3], as well as at tertiary education levels [ISCED levels 5 to 8]. Enrolment figures based on latest UNESCO Institute for Statistics data. See methodological note.