A cockpit is the enclosed area inside an aircraft from which the pilot controls and flies the aircraft. It is also called a flight deck and is right in front of an aircraft.

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 The cockpit contains an instrument panel which contains electronic flight instruments and controls which enable a pilot to fly the aircraft.

 Introduction to Cockpit Components 

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  1. MCP or mode control panel, a long narrow panel located in front of the pilot’s seat and used to control take-off, landing, speed, altitude and navigation.
  2. The PFD or primary flight display is located centrally on either side of the panel and is used to indicate digitized presentation of altitude, air speed, vertical speed and others.
  3. The ND or navigation display shows the route and navigation.
  4. The ECAM or engine crew alert system allows the pilot of monitor fuel, electrical system, cabin pressure, temperature and so on.
  5. The FMS or flight management system is used by pilots to enter and check speed, flight plans and navigation.
  6. The backup instrument is a battery operated standby instrument which is used in case of failure of main instruments.

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